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About Us

OnlyOwners is being built on strong foundations.

A Simple Philosophy

When I create websites, platforms for service or even golf events the first question I ask myself is how can i make this thing I am creating useful and better than what already exists for all parties involved?

Taking huge fees on each booking is not useful, adding these costs is the opposite and so this site will only ever offer commission free listings.

You win, we win and this is just there is a lot more to come.

Why do you not like the commission model?

The model of any rental site is that of a Marketplace or Platform which offers a process to introduce parties to one and other. To scale to any size there has to be automation and so booking fees should reflect the fact that the process takes place without human intervention. Book 5 nights and pay for 6, who wants that?

"Help Me, Help You"

Credit to Jerry Maguire for that headline.
Help me by listing with OnlyOwners and I will help you by sharing your property a lot, by creating great new features which will include Owner Home Swaps (Free Holidays forever) and coming very soon a recurring revenue referral program and more.

We will never offer premium listings, the ability to pay extra fees should not impact our hosts that cannot.

Thank you for reading about and about the philosophy behind this platform, your feedback is really important and anything you wish to share, good bad or brilliant please do via the Contact Tab at the top of this page.